Wednesday, June 27, 2012


Lookin good houndie!

Not her favorite thing to try on LOL

Moving around a bit to see how it feels.

Hmmm, not sure you're supposed to ask for belly rubs with it on.

Night night pretty girl.
It's no secret, Annie is afraid of fireworks. Bummer of it is, the 4th of July is my favorite holiday. Last year we tried everything short of prescribed sedatives to try to keep her calm. This year I am still trying a few things...Benadryl, Melatonin, Rescue Remedy, making her tired. But also the fine folks over at The Jowls of Fury were nice enough to send us their Thundershirt for Annie to try out this year. So each night I have put it on her for a bit, maybe just 10 mins, maybe longer. That way she doesn't only associate it with scary fireworks. Problem is that in the days leading up to the holiday people are lighting fireworks almost every night. While I love them, I wish they would save them for the one big night of terror for Annie instead of dragging it out for a few weeks. At any we go again! And this time I think we are ready!!


Worm, the Basset Hound said...

Oh Annie, ya looks lovely in your Thundershirt!! i'll cross my paws for ya next week.

Shauna B. said...

How's that workin' out so far? Do the pre-firework fireworks not freak her out as badly? Does she like it?

Barren Irony said...

As an update: the Thundershirt doesn't seem to help all that much when the fireworks are going off right outside the house! Crap!